Fes Watch U: New Smartwatch From Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) Has E-Ink Display On Band

Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) has released a new version of its Fes Watch U that includes some new upgrades such as E-ink display on the watch as well as the wristbands.

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The FES Watch U can be paired with the user’s handset but the fact that even the wristbands are equipped with E-ink is exciting because it presents a host of new possibilities that users and developers can use to take advantage of all that the device has to offer. The new features also make the device stand out compared to other competitors in its class such as the Apple Watch from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Sony also plans to continue using the FES brand name for the new watch so that it can continue to attract customers as a fashion product.

The wristbands used in the FES Watch U are larger than conventional leather or textile bands so that they can accommodate the e-ink display. The body of the watch consists of materials such as sapphire glass and steel. There are other models of the watch whose body is made of glass. Some of the other perks of the watch include a waterproof casing and a long lasting battery. The battery life of the watch is three weeks thanks to the e-ink displays.

Sony plans to ship twelve different band and watch face designs and users can customize up to 24 designs. There is a downside to the watch because of rumors that Sony might not sell it outside Japan. The firm has been carrying out a crowd funding campaign to determine whether people are interested in purchasing the watch.

The firm also didn’t release the original FES Watch U outside Japan, meaning there is little hope that the company will sell them in other regions. However, it is still too early to tell the outcome. If the watch performs well in the Japanese market, the company might end up reconsidering its decision and ship it to regions outside Japan.

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