The ‘Jack The Ripper’ Of China Finally Behind Bars

Chinese authorities have finally caught up with a serial killer who had earned him the title of ‘Jack the ripper.’ The Chinese Ripper is said to have killed 11 women since 1988 to 2002.

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Police in China claims that the individual has confessed to rape and murder of 11 female victims in Baiyin, Gansu Province. The killer reportedly committed the crimes in his victims’ homes years ago. The first reports of his crimes emerged about 28 years ago but the authorities never managed to capture him up until now.

The Chinese Ripper had a distinct pattern

The Chinese Ripper whose real name is Gao Chengyong is said to have targeted women clad in red. Once he identified his targets, the killer would then follow them to their homes where he would then rape them before killing them. According to a report from the Chinese State Media, most of the serial killer’s murders involved slitting the throats of his victims. Gao is currently 52 years old and it is surprising that he managed to get away with all those crimes. Neighbors and friends who knew him claim that they were astonished to find out that he was a murderer.

Sold out by DNA

The Chinese police were able to determine that Gao was the Chinese Ripper thanks to DNA evidence. The police also reported that the suspect hates women and is sexually perverse. Most of his heinous acts took place near the Chinese city known as Baiyin which has a population of roughly 1.7 million people. The city is situated in northeastern Gansu.

The Ripper’s youngest victim was an 8-year old girl. The killings spread panic around the region and the police had offered a reward of 200,000 Yuan, equivalent to $30,000 for any information that would assist in the arrest. However, even the reward didn’t prove any good. Fortunately, one of Gao’s uncles was arrested for a minor offense and his DNA was close to that of the serial killer as found in the crime scenes. The authorities then suspected that the uncle must be related to the actual killer. The job then became easier and that is how the Chinese Ripper was arrested.

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