Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) May Feature MicroLED Displays In Future Handsets

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is always facing a lot of speculation and rumors about its future handsets and this time there is a new rumor that suggests the firm will switch to Micro-LEDs in the future.

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Apple already uses OLED displays but microLEDs are said to be better and anyone who knows Apple knows that the firm is all about moving to the next big thing or in this case, the next best thing. Innolux CEO Wang Jyh-Chau is one of the people who believe that OLED technology is the next step from LCD displays as far as performance-cost ratios are concerned. However, microLEDs are considered better than OLED displays and they will thus be expected to become mainstream in the future. Apple’s current handsets use TFT-LCD displays.

Another reason why Apple is likely to switch to microLED displays is that the iPhone maker acquired a MicroLED firm known as LuxVue a few years ago. It is also rumored that the company launched a microLED factory in Taiwan where the displays will be developed. Mr. Wang believes that this will negatively affect his firm because it will disrupt the OLED business. However, the OLED business still has an advantage because microLEDs are still not cost effective which is why they are yet to become mainstream.

Apple is well aware of the fact that microLEDs are yet to be cost effective and therefore purchasing them will be a pricey affair. The company therefore decided to acquire a manufacturer of the displays. The advantage of this type of display is that it is lighter and thinner. It also offers better resolution, higher brightness and a wider array of colors.

Rumors also suggest that Apple handsets might include the microLED displays as early as 2017. This means that they might be featured in the smaller devices that apple will launch in the second half of 2017 since smaller handsets are more suitable for testing. The larger devices such as iPads will, therefore, be expected to have the displays later on if the company decides to switch to the new type of displays.

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