Blue Star Capital Plc Provides Update On Satoshipay

Blue Star Capital plc today highlighted the move by SatoshiPay Ltd to collaborate with The Register and the target is to pioneer a cryptocurrency micropayments trial for specific content on, the company’s website.

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The trial and matters surrounding it

The trial is currently underway and it pulls along with the possibility of various users getting empowered to purchase SatoshiPay credits from the website of The Register and that will be in the form of Stellar Lumens (“XLM”).

An official speaking anonymously disclosed that, for example, the “Geek’s Guide to Britain”, ad-free, could be read as a complete series in an ebook by using the SatoshiPay widget or in parts. It was up to the users to decide which way best suited them.

How it works

Monetization will be about revenue generation through small transaction fees in the case of SatoshiPay whereas in the case of The Register it will be in the form of direct sales. The most recent reports indicate that the users will be in the position to spend the credits on other sites that integrate with SatoshiPay.

In a note, Blue Star outlined that it was in support of the move by SatoshiPay to from time to time partner with different publishers. It is worth noting that The Register is highly regarded considering that it is one of the biggest web publishers in the world. Blue Star has always supported all moves deemed useful in terms of giving a major lift to the development of SatoshiPay.

With the passage of time, The Register continues attracting quite a high level of daily visits and that translates into more exposure. An analyst following closely on the latest developments has outlined that a successful relationship with The Register was all it took to strengthen the SatoshiPay brand’s position whenever it gets out of its way to strike meaningful partnerships with additional publishers in the future.

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