First Blockchain-Based Polling App Launched

BlockShow Europe 2018 recently launched the first blockchain-based polling app, which will be used during its conference scheduled to take place on May 28-29 in Berlin. The attendees at the BlockShow conference dedicated to discovering the newest innovations and trends in both the Global blockchain and European scenes will also be allowed to participate in the surveys that will choose the best women in the blockchain sector.

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The organizers of the show will use Polys for conducting the polling as it is a safe, user-friendly, and transparent system through which blockchain-based surveys and polls can be carried out easily. The contenders included in the list of the influential female in blockchain industry represent companies such as SAP SE (ADR) (NYSE:SAP), BitPesa, Golem, Bancor, Aragon, HSBC Holdings plc (ADR) (NYSE:HSBC), and SatoshiLabs.

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3,000 Attendees, 150 Projects & 80 International Speakers

According to a report around 3,000 attendees are expected to be a part of the conference that will also allow the participants to identify the game-changers that can be used to create tools and services with the potential to make a revolutionary change in the field of blockchain technology. Close to 80 internationally recognized speakers and experts from the fields of banking, global industries and institutions will address the conference. Around 150 projects are expected to be discussed at the venue with the BlockShow Europe giving more preference to the most innovative ventures put forth by promising blockchain companies.

The speakers will include representatives of European Governments and Central Banks who will share their perspective and vision regarding how to harness blockchain technology.

Switzerland Is Europe’s Blockchain Friendliest Country

Meanwhile a study carried out by the BlockShow Europe 2018 framework has revealed that Switzerland is the most cryptocurrency and blockchain-friendly country in Europe. The study included several criteria for determining the results including regulations on initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, digital money-based operations, and taxation on cryptocurrency trade. The study surveyed 48 European countries on these parameters and named Gibraltar as the second and Malta as the third most cryptocurrency friendly country followed by Great Britain at the fourth spot. Switzerland is incidentally recognized for its town of Zug, which is renowned the world over as a hub for cryptocurrency activities and nicknamed Crypto Valley.

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