Former President Of CNN/U.S. Jon Klein To Help Pareto Blockchain Network

The former president of CNN/U.S., Jon Klein, has said that he wants to help the visionaries of Pareto Network (PARETO), the first peer-to-peer financial information platform serving investors to create new models that will increase the flow of trusted and verifiable information. The platform is known for serving investors in blockchain-based ventures and cryptocurrencies.

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Mr. Klein, known for his record of innovation in the media and journalism sector, recently joined the Advisory Board of Pareto Network that delivers a plethora of content for the investors in the crypto sector including technical analysis, fundamental analyses, portfolio tools and data. The network launched its content platform at the end of March this year after completing a token sale at the start of 2018 and allowed its consumers to access and cultivate their respective scores.

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Klein’s experience is an asset for Pareto, says CEO

The co-founder and CEO of Pareto, Eric Lamison-White, said that the company is delighted to have Mr. Klein on board as he has lots of strategic insight and experience in growing media organizations and content creation and distribution. Lamison-White added, “This will be an asset for both our information consumers as well as the contributors who create the content delivered over the Pareto Network. “ He further said that the company is expecting Jon to help Pareto achieve its goal of becoming the leader in the market of cryptocurrency information.

According to Klein the decentralized information marketplace of Pareto is currently underlining the ways in which blockchain can bring disruption and reinvigoration in the creation and distribution of content. He expressed delight that this opportunity will enable him to help the visionaries at Pareto to create a model that offers trusted and verifiable information and makes sure that analysts, as well as journalists, get their due payment for the work they have done.

Pareto’s stock trading down

According to reports, over the last seven days, the stocks of Pareto Network have been trading down 10.8% against the US dollar. The cryptocurrency traders now can purchase PARETO token for $0.0460 or 0.00000561 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including IDEX, Kucoin, and EtherDelta (ForkDelta). Currently, the market cap of Pareto Network is $11.26 million.

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