Yield Growth Corp. Expands Market Presence

Last week, The Yield Growth Corporation (OTCMKTS:BOSQF) went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The move is part of the growth strategy aiming to position the company at the head of the global cannabis industry. The company will trade under the symbol “YG3”.

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According to Penny Green, CEO of The Yield Growth, the company is looking to grow the shareholder base across Europe. Interested shareholders will get the opportunity to access the company through the most popular exchange in Europe. This is an opportunity for the firm to grow the customer base for its wellness and cannabis products as well.

Legalization of cannabis topicals

In addition to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, The Yield Growth Corp is available on the OTC Markets in the US. However, the company still maintains its listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange where it first went public. As per Green, the strategy will leverage the impending legalization of cannabis topicals in Canada. The legalization could happen in other jurisdictions as well.

Other specific steps Yield Growth is taking in anticipation of the legalization of topicals include the launch of three new products. In particular, Urban Juve, a subsidiary, registered the products under the cosmetics product category. Notably, the products are skin exfoliants that target all skin types recognised under the Ayurvedic system.

Three new products

According to the company, the products incorporate trace minerals from Himalayan salt. Further, the products cleared crucial safety tests by Health Canada and could soon land in shelves. Interestingly, the firm expects the government to make a definite decision concerning cannabis topicals before October this year.

“Yield Growth subsidiary has rights to infuse the 3 exfoliants with THC and CBD and is currently aligning with licensed cannabis manufacturers so that it can prepared to be go to market in Canada in late 2019 when the cannabis topicals laws are anticipated to be become law,” a statement by Yield Growth reads.


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