Trueplay To Result In Greater Transparency In Online Gaming Industry

Online casinos can be fun, but trust issues continue being a major stumbling block. A wave of change is sweeping across the industry, and TruePlay is not being left behind. The blockchain-based platform is determined to fix trust issues and much more.

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Latest developments

Players have been affected by rigged algorithms, inefficient gambling operators and scams for quite a long period of time and it is becoming a cause of great concern. TruePlay team has held that clients need to be winners in the long run, and scamming can ruin the industry’s reputation.

Through TruePlay, players gain access to a unique fair gaming control system, where all possible combinations are stamped onto the blockchain before the game kicks off. Manipulation in the course of the game is not allowed no matter what the bet size in question is.

The experience of any given player is also an issue to be factored in. It is the ideal explanation as to why TruePlay based projects ended up sharing a single user profile, login and player statistic. The TPLAY coin was the form of payment in that particular case.

The establishment of a transparent player ledger

TruePlay is doing all within its means to establish a transparent player ledger and the goal is to see to it that the players in any given game, the bets they make as well as the commission that is obtained from them are clearly seen by the affiliates.

It is about coming up with a system that could turn out to be a gamechanger and be an immense success. Pokerdom is among the first that expressed its interest in its adoption.

Currently, about 85 countries around the globe have succeeded in legalizing online gambling. However, several market experts have termed blockchain the best regulator ever witnessed in this massive industry. It is expected that the TruePlay platform will end up being an ideal ecosystem for a wide array of gambling projects.

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