Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S Race Car Revealed In Ibiza

A Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S modified for the upcoming Electric GT has been unveiled in Ibiza on Tuesday.

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The vehicle was unveiled in the ceremony which was held to mark the launch of the Electric GT Championship whose news made the airwaves for the first time in March this year. Tesla is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of electric cars and so it was befitting that the ceremony unveiled a Tesla Model S race car that will participate in the Electric GT.

The particular model which was chosen by the event organizers was the Model S P85+ whose power output is 416 horsepower. The organizers chose that particular model because of the benefits offered by its back-wheel-drive system. The Electric GT is expected to kick off officially in 2017 and just like the name suggests, it will purely feature electric cars.

The Electric GT is not the first all-electric car racing event as there is also the Formula E which also features electric vehicles. However, the vehicles used in Formula E are open-wheel racers. The organizers of the Electric GT plan to use production vehicles though there will be some modifications to the vehicles to make them more track-worthy. Some of these modifications include changes to the aerodynamics, cooling, braking and weight reduction.

Details provided by the EGT organizers reveal that there will be ten competing teams and each team will have two drivers. Each competition will feature seven races and each round will feature a practice session that will last 20 minutes, a qualifying session that will last 30 minutes, a day race and a dusk race.

The electric cars will travel a distance of 37 miles in each race. Additionally, the races will be held at proper race tracks including some of the tracks that host Formula One racing. Some of the most notable tracks include the Nurburgring in Germany and the Circuit de Catalonia in Spain.

Tesla stocks closed the latest trading session at $205.81 down by $3.18 or 1.52% compared to the value of the stock in the previous session. The stock had a trading volume of 3.37 million shares.

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