Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Claims Model 3 Seats Fold Flat For Sleeping Space

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been working to eliminate the problem of trunk space, which is a concern for most people. This time, the firm has gone the extra mile by creating enough space for a person to sleep comfortably.

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Tesla claims that the back seats of the Model can fold flat creating enough space for a person who is five and half feet tall to lie down flat and comfortably. People who are taller than that can either bend their knees or lie down sideways. Either way, the space will be enough to accommodate a comfortable nap.

Tom Randall from Bloomberg narrated a camping experience where he slept in the back of a Tesla Model S. He stated that the dimensions of the Model 3 suggest that it will also be possible for owners to comfortably sleep in the back. Some Tesla fans have conveniently called this feature the “Camper mode.” This is because the space is enough to allow for an overnight sleep thus making it a convenient camping vehicle or an alternative to expensive hotel accommodation. It can also be used by passengers and because electric cars are silent, passengers can sleep without discomfort since there is no engine noise. This situation is only ideal in cases where the driving is subtle.

One of the other advantages of the “camper mode” is that the owner can set the climate control, fan and system temperature according to preference provided that doing this will not have a huge impact on the battery range. During Randall’s overnight camping with the Tesla Model S, he discovered that the climate control and temperature system consumed roughly 7% of battery charge. The charge went from 40% to 33%, meaning he would still achieve about 90 miles of range from the remaining charge.

All in all, Randall stated that his experience camping in the Model S was quite comfortable and secure. He had locked the door, engaged the parking brakes and dimmed the lights from the touch screen. The panoramic sunroof also provided a view of the night sky.

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