Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Building Team Of Lyrics Curators For Apple Music

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is hiring for Apple Music and this time, it is looking for people who will join its lyrics curation team for the music service.

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The team of lyrics curators that the company will hire will work on a new feature that will allow the music service to provide lyrics alongside any song that is playing. The company has posted the job openings on its website which also states that the lyrics feature will most likely not be powered by a third-party firm. Apple is, therefore, building up a team that will handle the task so that the lyrics curation can be done internally.

One of the available jobs is the curation manager position. The person selected for this post will be responsible for revealing more about the project whose main aim is to manage the lyrics database for Apple Music. Apple is expected to debut the feature as part of its iOS 10 update. Apple believes that the feature will be an important tool for the listeners because it will allow them to instantly see the words in every song.

Apple’s job posting claims that ideal candidates should be passionate about technology. They should also be brave enough to criticize the existing workflows such that they will be eager to improve processes and tools. They are also expected to have experience and a general understanding of writing lyrics. The manager will lead the other individuals that will be hired into the team.

The company is also looking for individuals that are proficient in various languages including Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese and Italian among others. Their language skills will be vital towards translating the lyrics into more languages. Some of the other job qualifications that candidates are expected to have include the ability to quickly and accurately translate lyrics, the desire and willingness to learn about complex new services and tools as well as writing skills. A preview of how the feature will look has been provided on MacRumors.

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