Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) Boosts 4G Performance Putting Operators On Path To 5G

Nokia Corp

The stock of Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) closed at $6.19 gaining 0.49% in yesterday’s trading session. Nokia is extending its elaborate portfolio of ultra-broadband product and technology solutions to offer operators the required flexibility to enhance mobile network performance and consumer demand. Currently, a large number of these operators are doing all they can towards fully adopting 5G.

Mobile broadband traffic is undergoing great transformation with the passage of time, and a large number of operators are looking forward to enhanced network performance. However, they appear to be rather selective considering that a lot of them are more inclined to those areas associated with high demand. The busy city centers continue to enjoy more in terms of preference.

Higher speeds, more capacity and varying network latency cannot be downplayed. That is especially when it comes to meeting the needs of different individuals, businesses and IoT, as well as to ensure a smooth migration to the top end network.

The company has defined a sustainable network evolution path that will make it possible for the various operators to maximize assets as well as leverage existing investments. Implementing higher performance is a challenging affair, and to achieve it the company is adding to the Nokia AirScale Remote Radio Head portfolio.

Most operators have started increasing cell capacity as well as their peak performance. At the same time they have been toning down the space requirements at cell sites via new dual- and single-band TD-LTE and FDD-LTE radios.

These leverage 8×4 Beamforming, carrier aggregation techniques and 4×4 MIMO while also successfully addressing demand for higher output power. The others are the simplification of network roll outs and the extension of the of the frequency band support.

IHS Markit Executive Director of Research and Analysis for Mobile Infrastructure & Carrier Economics, Stéphane Téral opined, “Nokia continues to deliver a sustainable path to 5G that allows operators to implement new capabilities in their network where and when they need them, ensuring the most efficient use of resources.”

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