Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) To Start In-House Digital Marketing Agency

Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) has disclosed that it will be creating 100 new job positions as it sets up a digital marketing agency that will be in-house. Some of the specialties that Sprint is looking for in the recruits include analytics, media buying, paid search, programmatic digital media and display. The positions at Sprint’s digital marketing agency will be located in Reston, Virginia as well as in Overland Park, Kansas where Sprint’s headquarters are.

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According to the carrier the in-house agency will assist Sprint in boosting the bottom line, adopting a marketing approach that is data-driven and streamlining internal communications.

Cutting edge

“This emphasis on digital, now with new Sprint-based digital marketing talent, allows us to stay on the cutting edge as we work to better attract and serve our customers,” said Sprint’s Chief Digital Officer, Rob Roy.

Since Rogel Sole became the chief marketing officer of Sprint in 2015, the carrier has adopted aggressive marketing strategies. The carrier is at the moment offering one year of unlimited data, text and talk to users who will activate their own mobile devices on its network. According to analysts at Jefferies, this could assist Sprint in adding 17,000 new customers to its network in this quarter which ends on September 30.

Free Netflix

The mobile telecommunications market in the United States is becoming highly competitive with the various players adopting various tactics and strategies in a bid to outdo each other. In a move that is likely to raise the competition bar even more T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) has announced that it will provide a free subscription to Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) for its customers who are on family plans. Both existing and new customers of T-Mobile’s family plans will be eligible for the deal.

T-Mobile’s Netflix giveaway is the most recent to be initiated in a series of marketing promotions the mobile network has carried out since 2013 when it branded itself the ‘uncarrier’. This has seen the mobile telecommunications firm add more new customers than what its competition have been able to combined.

T-Mobile’s move is coming just days before Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) releases its next version of the iPhone. Traditionally customer switching and competition always heats up with the arrival of a new iPhone.

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