Nielsen Holdings PLC (NYSE:NLSN) Announces Expansion Of Multi-Year Agreement With Sargento

The stock of Nielsen Holdings PLC (NYSE:NLSN) closed at $38.56 losing 6.25% in yesterday’s trading session. This company is expanding its multi-year agreement with Sargento, a move it hopes will help fuel the next phase of brand’s growth. Nielsen has expressed its commitment to serve Sargento with industry-leading insights and information.

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Nielsen has remained a central and strategic resource to Sargento. Nielsen offers a wide array of products and services and it has currently risen to become a major player in the natural shredded and snacking cheese space.

Sargento embraces innovation in a great way and its Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation awards for Balanced Breaks® and Ultra Thin Cheese Slices® is enough proof. The pursuit is a show of remarkable progress in the dairy industry considering that quite a large number of people are now able to showcase as well as celebrate their love for real, natural cheese.

The President and Chief Growth Officer of Sargento, Michael Pellegrino, opined, “More than ever before, today’s consumers are changing the way they think about, and purchase the products they love.  With Nielsen, we have been able to gain a deeper understanding of our consumer and develop products to meet their needs.”

According to the official, Nielsen data was in a significant way helping inform most of their business decisions. It has always been the company’s goal to strengthen its relationship with consumers as well as the retail partners. He added that their eye was fixated into the future and that they saw Nielsen as a critical partner towards driving their continued success.

The Senior Vice President of Client Services at Nielsen, Nicholas Larsen, said that they were quite happy about the fact that they had succeeded at expanding their longstanding relationship with Sargento. He added that Sargento had reaped quite a great deal from Nielsen’s advanced analytics, collaborative support and the industry leading technology. The company has been able to reach more informed, data-driven decisions. The company continues to hope that it will succeed at powering the next facet of the success story of Sargento.

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