Netcoins Adds Bitcoin Cash To Its List Of Supported Coins

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Users can now access Bitcoin cash (BCH-USD) on Netcoins. According to a press release, BCH will be available for “immediate access purchase” later this week. reports that as Netcoins adds Bitcoin cash, the coin’s enthusiasts can now access it at over 21,000 locations. The locations are spread over Canada, Europe, and Australia. Further, the statement adds that the coin will be available in other jurisdictions where cryptocurrency is legal.

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A big boost to adoption as Netcoins adds Bitcoin Cash to its platform

Bitcoin cash is one of the major digital tokens since the advent of blockchain technology. The inclusion onto Netcoins’ platform is a big boost to BCH’s adaptability. Consumers in the Netcoins areas of coverage will be able to trade BCH easily.

The company also operates a Virtual Crypto ATM that allows crypto holders to buy digital tokens. Through the platform, BCH will be available to many users who do not have mining capabilities.

The new addition brings total availability to 7.

“Adding BCH brings us to having 6 of the top 7 coins available via Netcoins. With just EOS left among the top 7 coins, we are giving investors a compelling reason to use the Netcoins network for all their crypto needs, whether via OTC or via our strong retail network,” revealed Mark Binns, CEO of Netcoins.

An increased spread

The biggest winner in the development is of course Bitcoin Cash itself. This becomes one among a string of major announcements that are having positive impact on the spread of BCH. The inclusion on the Netcoins platform implies an express inclusion on ITC Brokerage Services. This is a Netcoins Inc.’s subsidiary through which customers procure cryptocurrencies.

In another recent announcement, Bitpay is now supporting BCH. The inclusion on the global crypto payments service is a show of trust in the viability of the BCH project. Initially, Bitpay only had Bitcoin as the coin through which customers could settle crypto-related transactions. In addition, there are reports that Pixel Wallet is also supporting BCH. The platform enables users to send tokens through an image.

The developments imply huge milestones for BCH that has also taken a hit in the prevailing crypto bear market. As Netcoins adds Bitcoin Cash to its platform, its market value should notch up.

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