DISH Network To Start Accepting Bitcoin Cash Payments

Leading American satellite provider, DISH, will start accepting payments in Bitcoin Cash (BCH-USD). The addition of Bitcoin Cash as a payment option is part of the company’s strategy of embracing innovative technologies.

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Improving efficiency

While making the announcement, the company explained that it is adopting new technologies so as to offer customers a safe, quick and efficient way of paying for the services. Before Bitcoin Cash, the company had added Bitcoin (BTC-USD) as a payment option back in 2014. The firm had 14 million subscribers at the time. It was the biggest mass adoption of Bitcoin at the time and allowed a large number of customers to start paying for online services using cryptocurrencies.

DISH Network has contracted BitPay to be its payment processors for payments made in cryptocurrencies.

DISH subscribers will now be able to use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to pay and renew their subscriptions and pay-per-view events and movies. Customers will initiate a push transaction, which will send the exact amount of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash required for a one-time payment.

Transitioning to BitPay

In a statement, BitPay Chief Commercial Officer, Sonny Singh, said they are working hard to ensure that DISH Network seamlessly transitions its payment system. He said this will allow its customers to pay using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Singh said that there is an increase in the number of customers who prefer using cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This is because it is safe from credit card fraud. Additionally, it is a cheap method for merchants.

On his side, DISH Network CEO John Swieringa said the move to add Bitcoin Cash is motivated by the same factors that made the company adopt Bitcoin in 2014. He added that the company has been evolving to adapt to a growing number of customers seeking  a new way of doing business. Swieringa said since the launch of the cryptocurrency payment option, the company has seen an increase in the number of customers asking for the option. He noted that they have settled on BitPay so as to be able to access several payment options.

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