Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Pushes Back The Launch Of Surface Pro 5, Book 2

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has an upcoming event in the fall and there have been rumors that it will launch the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5 during the event. However, reports have come out suggesting that the firm will delay the launch to 2017.

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Earlier claims suggesting the launch of the devices in October this year were based on the launches of the earlier versions of the Surface Pro and the Surface Book. The latest reports claim that the firm has a very good reason to delay the launch to 2017. One of the reasons why the launch of the devices will be delayed is that the company wants them to feature the latest processors. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) announced that there is a high chance that it will launch its Kaby Lake processors at the beginning of 2017. Microsoft will most likely wait for the new processors to be available in order to release a better product.

There have also been rumors that the devices will be delayed to allow the firm time to finalize the development of the latest Windows 10 update known as Redstone 2. The two reasons are enough for the company to decide to delay the launch to the summer of 2017. Some analysts have also suggested that the Surface Pro 5 will not be launched this year due to the popularity of the Surface Pro 4 which is also expected to receive the Kaby Lake update.

Microsoft has however not released any official statement on the matter and has been relatively silent about the launch dates for the next Surface lineup. It is also not clear what new changes the company has added to the devices compared to their predecessors. Prospective buyers will most likely not have a problem if the company decides to push back the launch so as to give way for the new processors and the Windows 10 updates. If that is the case, then they will feature the best of what the company and the market have to offer.

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