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On June 8th, 2020 — Mateon announced that EdgePoint AI, a division within Mateon, announced its decision to expand its manufacturing AI vision camera grid to encompass a contact tracing application which will monitor the spread of COVID-19 indoors. TracePoint is an upgrade to the EdgePoint manufacturing grid to track contact between workers. The machine vision AI can help enforce social distancing and contact tracking. Mateon’s patented AI camera grid system is similar in scope and features to Amazon’s but at a fraction of the cost making it affordable for Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs). Amazon’s vision grid is deployed in their retail chain, Amazon-Go, to track shoppers, and recently adapted to track contact between workers in warehouses.

TracePoint will identify workers who came in contact with a sick coworker and alert operational staff to take actions defined in standard operational procedures. Procedures may include quarantine for exposed workers and deep disinfection of surfaces exposed to the virus. This will ensure safety, while maintaining cost, by avoiding a plant wide disinfection. The TracePoint system will include Fever Camera System to continuously measure the body temperature of personnel at a fraction of the cost of commercial infrared cameras.

Contact tracing and fever monitoring is an upgrade to Mateon’s AI camera grid system which is being deployed to track men and materials in pharmaceutical manufacturing to streamline GMP manufacturing. Mateon deployments are in collaboration with its partners, IBM and Meridian IT. The company plans to work with health agencies to explore ways to integrate the recently announced Apple-Google mobile apps for contact tracing for keeping drug manufacturing lines pristine.

We are launching TracePoint at BIO International Convention and it was well received during the conference. The EdgePoint technology presentation is attached to this filing as an exhibit.

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99.1 Press Release Filed herewith
99.2 EdgePoint presentation Filed herewith

EX-99.1 2 ex99-1.htm   Exhibit 99.1   MATEON ANNOUNCES AN EXPANSION TO ITS PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING AI CAMERA GRID BY INCLUDING CONTACT TRACING TO ENSURE WORKER SAFETY     – TracePoint vision grid will identify workers who came in contact with a sick coworker and alert operational staff.         – Mateon’s patented AI camera grid system is similar to Amazon’s technology but at a fraction of the cost.         – TracePoint will deploy a Fever Camera System to continuously monitor for COVID-19.   AGOURA HILLS,…
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