Lindsay Lohan Whines About Brexit Through Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)

Lindsay Lohan has openly expressed her views about the United Kingdom’s European Union membership referendum on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

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The celebrity tweeted about the matter on Thursday to reveal what she thinks about the referendum as the votes started coming on. In one of her tweets, Lohan questions what would happen if the UK was to exit the EU. In another tweet, she pointed out that workplace accidents in the EU have been slashed by half since the introduction of the European safety directives in 1996. Judging by her tweets, Lohan is clearly on the side that wants to remain in the EU. Most of her tweets on the matter featured the hashtag #REMAIN. Many have since been deleted.

Lohan’s tweets highlight her interest in the UK. She had previously expressed her desire to be a British citizen. This was after her move to London which she claims transformed her life in a positive way. Upon seeing her tweets, most people thought that Lohan had been hacked, but she clarified that it was not the case through another tweet.

A different Twitter user reminded the world that Lohan has previously used Twitter to talk about major international matters in what seems to be a random pattern. The Hollywood actress previously took to the social network platform to mourn the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. However, it was pointed out that Lindsay Lohan had close ties with Mohammed al-Turki who is a member of the Saudi royal family who also happens to be a film producer.

Further probes into the matter reveal that Lohan’s interest in Brexit might be a strong hint that the actress does not intend to go back to LA since she has already settled in London with her boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov. It is too early to tell if the Brexit vote will change her mind and see her return to the United States.

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