International Financial Group Crèdit Andorrà Relies On Nokia (NYSE:NOK) to Connect Data Centers

Nokia Corp

The stock of Nokia (NYSE:NOK) closed at $4.68 gaining 2.86% in yesterday’s trading session. International financial group Crèdit Andorrà has linked with Nokia seeking to get assistance connecting the various data centers. It is also out to get the company to help it branch its offices around the globe.

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The financial services company has over the years been leveraging SD-WAN technology that is provided by Nokia’s Nuage Networks. This has been helping it in the provisioning of network connections in the various new locations.

If everything moves according to plan, the new move is expected to result in more flexibility to Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group’s business operations. That is all it takes to ramp-up the temporary offices and branches. The Virtualized Network Services (VNS) delivered by the Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution has resulted greater business agility for the bank.

Nokia’s spokesperson said, “The Nuage Networks platform provides policy-based automation of quality of service (QoS) and security for each application and location as services are ordered through a self-management portal. The next generation Nuage Networks SD-WAN fabric will greatly accelerate service delivery.”

He proceeded to outline that they had succeeded at striking a partnership with an astute banking operation. According to him, this was an institution that recognized what stands to be gained from SD-WAN adding that at the moment it was eyeing capitalizing on the technology in a bid to get hold of more opportunities that showed up in the global market.

The latest agreement underlined the company’s momentum in the business and was the best proof of the overall success that the SD-WAN technology could bring about in the various market segments.

Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group disclosed that it was overwhelmed with the new partnership. It saw it as the perfect opportunity to securely extend the overall reach of its key applications as well as its financial services. It goes without saying that indeed security and stability are important factors whenever financial institutions need to evolve IT infrastructures.

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