France Comes Up With Age-Of-Consent Rule For Minors Wishing To Join Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB)


The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $178.30 gaining 0.76% in yesterday’s trading session. France has proposed an age-of consent-rule which will introduce a number of restrictions on Facebook. The draft legislation that was presented on Wednesday introduced a number of conditions to be fulfilled before French children under the age of 16 got the opportunity to own Facebook accounts. The new rule also touched on the other social networks.

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The government of France recently introduced a new bill. It sought to adapt data privacy regulations as well as enhance access to the information. This is the kind of information that most of the internet companies collect, store and in a number of instances sell to a wide array of firms regarding people’s online activity.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet in a recent interview outlined that policies had changed considering that minors were going to be compelled to seek parental authorization before gaining access to Facebook. The official was speaking about the data privacy bill that the cabinet approved in one of its weekly meetings.

The next step for this bill will be move to parliament and when it gets approved it will eventually become law. She disclosed that the bill was targeted at ensuring easier access for users to every kind of data that companies around the globe collect every day. After that they can move ahead to request that some sections be either deleted or amended.

The Minister said that minors who wanted to join the social network would be compelled to tick a box. That was to serve as an approval that either the rightful guardians or parents supported the move. To this point it remains unclear how enforceable such a process will turn out to be.

On the other hand, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer in the course of this week disclosed that they had plans underway to ban mobile phones from schools starting next year.

He opined, “Use of mobile phones is already forbidden in classrooms, so the ban would likely cover their use during breaks and at lunchtime.”

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