Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Smart Eyewear Includes AI And Fitness Tracker

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Smart eyewear called “Radar Pace” highlights the company’s push into the wearables market in partnership with Oakley.

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The Intel smart wear glasses are the company’s latest push into the wearable market. The product is the result of a partnership between Intel and Oakley which is a subsidiary of an eyewear firm known as Luxottica. The two have been working together to create sunglasses that can be paired to smartphones. The cleverly designed sunglasses have earbuds on the side with an integrated microphone. These features allow the wearer to listen to music, receive calls and texts via Bluetooth. They also include a fitness tracker, thus making them an ideal fitness gadget.

The Intel smart eyewear comes equipped with a lot of features

The Intel smart eyewear is also fitted with a touchpad just like the one on the Samsung Gear VR. The trackpad is located on the left temple and it gives the user an interface to control music, answer calls or adjust the volume by swiping or tapping. It also features a gyroscope, accelerometer, and pressure sensors. The fitness tracker can keep track of the wearer’s heart rate. It can also measure distance covered, speed and time among other capabilities.

Research by Intel and Oakley finally pays off

A recent press release revealed that the “Radar Pace” is the result of years of research between the two firms. They have been working towards the creation of a “real-time voice-activated coaching system.” This means that the fitness glasses and respond to some inquiries made by the wearer especially with regards to fitness performance.

The product, therefore, offers a lot of value but that value comes at a premium cost. One unit of the “Radar Pace” eyewear will have a price tag of $449. Nevertheless, the Intel smart eyewear has the best of design and tech, thus making it an appealing product.

Intel stocks closed the latest trading session at $37.66, down by $0.09 or 0.24% from the value of the stock in the previous session, with a trading volume of 14.11 million shares.

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