ICOs Continue to Fill Up Despite Escalating Cryptocurrency Selloff

The cryptocurrency space continues its fast descent towards support at bitcoin (BTC-USD) $6,100. The undisputed cryptocurrency leader just fell through the $7,400 mark and is still headed down. Ethereum (ETH-USD) is under greater stress today, down close to 9% with its own selloff accelerating over the last few hours. With nearly all digital currencies down heavily over the last two days, the sector is experiencing stress on the scale of the initial fall from $20,000/BTC.

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One possible catalyst is India’s Reserve Bank forbidding any of its member banks from processing cryptocurrency transactions. This decision is being challenge in the Indian supreme Court however. According to Coin Dance, bitcoin trading in India has fallen 28% in a week by volume.

Remarkably though, initial coin offerings are still succeed to a large dgree at meeting their fundraising goals, indicating that not everyone has lost faith in blockchain just yet. These are certainly risky ventures, and as always unicorn hunting has its pitfalls. But by the law of averages, some ICOs will succeed. Regardless of whether you intend to invest or not, tracking current ICOs does serve to open the mind as to the possibilities inherent in blockchain technology.

On that note, here are three more ICOs to keep an eye on in three different sectors, each with ambitious plans to underpin blockchain technology in order to reformulate and decentralize critical industries.

Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT)

The idea behind SaTT tokens is to back the advertiser/publisher relationship with Smart Contracts using the Ethereum network. Instead of advertisers having to trust publishers with audience statistics (think YouTube views and Facebook campaigns), advertisers can create campaigns with conditions and results stored on a public blockchain. The SaTT contract establishes the terms of an advertising campaign and sets the final price for it. With the blockchain handling what a mediating middleman would normally manage, advertising networks become more efficient for both parties.

The ICO is live at a rate of 1SaTT per $0.42, running until July 1st, and is currently 38% allotted.

Howdoo, Decentralized Social Media (µDoo)

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) reportedly has an average of 800 pages of data per user, all crammed into its servers, and there’s nothing that Facebook users can do keep the social media giant from adding to its stockpile every time you use the platform, or even just walk around with your phone loaded with a Facebook app. Howdoo based on EOS wants to eliminate this problem by creating a decentralized social network controlled by blockchain, where users would decide what data to share, if any, on the network, and which interactions to keep off the blockchain record.

The goal is for users to share in advertising profits by personally disclosing their interests on their own terms. The more they choose to share, the more revenue potential to their content creation, with the community sharing profits on a meritocratic basis.

A presale of 1.33 million µDoo tokens is ongoing at a price of $0.08 per token. The presale will last until June 12th, at which point the price rises to $0.10. The campaign is near 40% allotted with a hard cap of $25.33 million.

Genesis Real Estate (GES)

This fascinating ICO is basically a blockchain-based real estate investment trust (REIT). All invested funds into Genesis are used for buying real estate that becomes the property of the platform, with income distributed in accordance with token ownership. Income distributions will be controlled through the use of smart contracts. The risk of this ICO is structurally different from ones that aim to embark on and complete an engineering project. Here, the idea is only to stamp a REIT onto blockchain and cut out the exchange middlemen and associated expenses, which contribute to the decay inherent in all mainstream REITS.

The ICO is 76% allotted at a rate of 1 GES per 1 EUR, and closes on June 10.

Disclaimer: Users invest in Initial coin offerings at their own risk and should perform their own due diligence before investing any funds in these ventures. This article should not be construed as advice to invest in any ICO, and should be viewed as strictly informational.

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