Fossil Group Inc (NASDAQ:FOSL) Adds New Offerings To Wearables Market

Fossil Group Inc (NASDAQ:FOSL) Adds New Offerings To Wearables Market

Fossil Group Inc (NASDAQ:FOSL) has announced the inclusion of several devices in its wearables lineup including two Smart Watches.

The company revealed the Q Marshal and the Q Wander as successors to the Q Founder that was released last year. The two new Smart Watches will initially be offered at around $275. They were also designed to offer an alternative material design over the metal frame of the Q Founder.

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The two offerings are also significantly smaller than their predecessor. The Wonder and Marshal will host a 44mm case. The company claims that the Q Marshal is rugged and features some vintage-like leather straps and a navy blue finish. The Q Wander on the other hand features softer lines and a gold finish.

The two new watches are expected to have similar features with the Q Founder in terms of functionality. They are also expected to have the same kind of appearance as all other Android watches.

Some of the company’s other offerings include the Q Grant that is an expansion of the Smart Analogue series. The pricing of the Q Grant will start at $175. Fossil will also offer new Q Motion activity trackers as bracelets priced at $95. The bracelets offer a range of utilities such as call or text notifications and can also be used to track user activity. Fossil claims that the new offerings are just the beginning of a wide range of wrist wear devices to be revealed this year.

The company plans to launch more than 100 wearable devices this year which will include more activity trackers and more smart watches. The devices could help strengthen the firm’s position in the wearables market as well as meeting different customer needs. Fossil also plans to launch a basic tracker called Q Motion that will offer a tab-based control system.