Group Fighting State Regarding Ban on Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Sales

A group is taking on the Michigan State to lift the ban on the direct sale of Tesla Motors Inc electric vehicles to consumers. The group, which is called The Michigan Freedom to Buy Coalition, was formed a few months ago. The Michigan Freedom to Buy Coalition has been offering journalists and high-profile people rides in their Tesla cars in a bid to drum up support for their cause.Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)Essentially, the organization is trying to lift a ban that prevents Tesla from selling vehicles directly to consumers. A spokesperson for the group, Jeff Timmer, said “We’d like to raise awareness and hopefully something can be done legislatively. They see the car, they understand it was built in America.”

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However, the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association, which represents 700 car dealers, has said that it supports the current legislation as it increases competition, which should benefit the consumer.

In other Tesla Motors Inc related news, the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa parking lot was opened on the 30/07/2016. It features 6 Tesla EV charging stations. It was opened at around 11 AM (local time), with approximately 100 cars present.

Tesla has been expanding its charging network in anticipation of a great increase in the number of Tesla EVs on the road. Just a few months ago, the car maker unveiled the Model 3. The Model 3 will be mass produced, with initial deliveries planned for 2017.

In order to prevent long ques at charging points, Tesla has already begun increasing the number of stations it operates across the U.S. and many other countries (e.g. Norway.) The firm has also begun opening some larger supercharging stations.

The stock market will reopen tomorrow (01/08/2016), and Tesla Motors Inc’s stock is currently valued at $234.79 per share, giving the firm a market cap of $34.57 billion. The corporation’s share price peaked in July 2015 at around $280.

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