Bitcoin News Crypto Currency Daily Roundup October 29


The rundown: all major cryptocurrencies were down – except Bitcoin – in the morning; cryptocurrency exchange open-sources its Atomic Swap Wallet; Cyprus joins VeChain Foundation and CREAM for strategic collaboration in blockchain; SC Johnson partners with Plastic Bank to build blockchain rewards-based recycling centers; Singapore-based SP Group launches one of the world’s first blockchain-powered renewable energy certificate (REC) marketplaces; and more.

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Here is what is happening in the cryptocurrency market on Monday.

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In the News

Cryptocurrency exchange has open-sourced its Atomic Swap Wallet to help blockchain developers learn from and build upon the technology. Atomic Swap offers a secure method of transferring digital assets between individuals by using a special type of smart contract called a Hashed Time-Locked Contract.

Invest Cyprus, the national investment partner of the Republic of Cyprus, Singapore-based blockchain solutions provider VeChain Foundation, and CREAM, which focuses on blockchain project strategic advisory and investments, have signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic collaboration in blockchain technology. The parties plan to establish a framework for the basis of cooperation in the field of blockchain technologies and related use cases.

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck reported a loss for the third quarter of 2018 as the exchange suffered a $520-million hack earlier this month. In its Q3 earnings report, Monex Group, which owns Coincheck, reported its crypto asset segment revenue of about $2.8 million between July and September. That represents more than a 60% decline compared to the $8.4 million the group reported for the same quarter of 2017.

SC Johnson has partnered with Plastic Bank to build blockchain rewards-based recycling centers in Indonesia. This will help increase recycling rates in impoverished communities across Indonesia while addressing the challenges of poverty, SC Johnson said in a press statement.

Singapore-based SP Group has launched one of the world’s first blockchain-powered renewable energy certificate (REC) marketplaces. Designed and built in-house by SP’s team of digital energy experts, the marketplace enables local and international organizations to trade in RECs. “The unique attributes of blockchain technology will ensure the security, integrity and traceability of each REC transaction. This will drive the greater integration of renewable energy sources on the electricity grid,” according to press released published by SP Group.

France’s Financia Business School has started accepting fees in cryptocurrency. The school offers post-graduate courses in financial and blockchain technologies. The acceptance of cryptocurrency will allow foreign students to easily pay their fees, according to the Paris-based school.

Reuters is reporting that blockchain technology startup Ripple Labs has named Google’s expert developer Amir Sarhangi as vice president of products. Sarhangi will oversee the company’s efforts to develop a global payments network called RippleNet, according to the San Francisco-based startup.

The Ukrainian government is planning to legalize cryptocurrencies by 2021 as part of a new public policy developed by the country’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. In a press statement, the ministry is preparing to create clear conditions for virtual assets and cryptocurrencies. Ukraine is “among the top 10 countries in the number of virtual currency users,” according to the statement.

Cashpay Solutions has launched a new video portal that pays viewers cryptocurrency for watching videos hosted on the platform. Members are paid honeybadgers (XHB) tokens every time they watch videos. Those tokens can be converted into Bitcoin Cash at the end of each month.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today (As of 6:30 AM EST)

Bitcoin (BTC) is down 0.30% over the past 24 hours, trading at $6,455.56.

Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $203.63 in the morning, up 0.40% over a 24-hour period.

EOS is trading at $5.43, up 0.18% over the past 24 hours.

Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0.4588, up 0.22% over a 24-hour period.

Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $51.69, up 0.10% over a 24-hour period.

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