Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Project Tango Is Getting Interesting

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Project Tango is promising to simplify indoor navigation the same way Google Maps is helping drivers navigate the roads around the world. While Project Tango is still a work in progress, the technology is becoming interesting with the addition of features such as an augmented reality (AR) game to it.

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The creator of the popular game Katamari Damacy recently launched an AR game called Woorld for Tango. Woorld enables players to overlay a virtual world on a real-world environment and manipulate the items for exciting discoveries. For example, a player can place clouds, plants, houses, spaceships and other items and attempt to discover how they interact.

Although Tango is not yet available for everyone, the Woorld demo shows what is possible with the technology.

Indoor navigation

Alphabet Inc is already focused on leveraging Tango as a solution for indoor navigation and it has already signed up partners to test the technology for that purpose. Visitors to the American Museum of Natural History can use Tango to place a dinosaur in front of them and that proceed to take pictures with the animal. They can also use an app to alter the size of the dinosaur to their liking.

Alphabet’s Tango is also being leveraged to help with finding ones way inside a massive building.

Tango in retail

Tango could also find application in retail business where vendors of home improvement materials could use the app to give customers an opportunity to preview how an item would fit in their home before they leave the store.

Tango limitations

Currently, Tango is not yet ready for people’s everyday use. Part of the reason is that the technology is heavy on battery to support its many sensors that enable you to generate 3D images for easy navigation. Additionally, there is a shortage of consumer devices that support Tango. However, Lenovo Group is expected to unveil the first smartphone that ships with Tango built-in capability.

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