AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVAV) To Roll Out Block 10C, An Advanced Missile System

AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVAV) said at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit that it had developed an advanced switchblade missile system. It calls the system Block 10C and it says the system expands its existing portfolio of switchblade tactical missile systems.

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Preventing signal hijacking

AeroVironment’s Block 10C upgrade is in-built with Digital Data Link (DDL) to among other things ensure stable and encrypted communications link. Additionally, the DDL ensures more efficient usage of the existing frequency and also reduces the chances of the enemy intercepting the signal.

Security is critical

According to AeroVironment, Inc., few things have become more critical in today’s complex force operations than efficient frequency utilization and communication security. That explains why the company believes that its new switchable tactical missile system is critical for today’s warfighters.

Avoid signal conflict

In addition to preventing signal hijacking, AeroVironment says that Block 10C is also designed to avoid signal conflict when switchblade systems are used in the same vicinity. Moreover, the Block 10C upgrade also supports range extension.

What the experts are saying

A number of experts have weighed in on AeroVironment’s Block 10C system and they appear to be impressed by its potential. According to Bill Nichols of the weapons systems in the U.S. Army, Block 10C will improve encryption of operations, eliminate frequency conflict and increase field capabilities of warfighters.

Outcome of collaboration

AeroVironment says that its switchblade Block 10C system is a result of extensive collaboration. The company’s engineered worked closely with the U.S. Army and other partners to come up with the system.

The idea behind Block 10C and other advanced systems that AeroVironment will be announcing in the future is that it wanted to develop a system that give forces greater battlefield advantage. Additionally, it is driving towards systems that boost troop protection.


AeroVironment is working with Orbital ATK Inc (NYSE:OA) to produce the Block 10C upgrade system.

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