Advanced Micro (NASDAQ:AMD) Launches New Quiet Processors

Advanced Micro (NASDAQ:AMD) Launches New Quiet Processors

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) is spoiling for a desktop processor war. The company has unveiled a portfolio of desktop processors that feature more advanced thermal solutions. The processors are priced between $70 and $200.

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With the latest processor launch, Advanced Micro can be seen taking the desktop processor to the doorstep of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). AMD’s new advanced processors include AMD Wraith Cooler, AMD A10-7860K and AMD AthlonX4 845. The company claims that the thermal solutions built into the processors ensure that they generate noise that is only a tiny fraction of their predecessors. AMD’s new processors should inspire quieter and smaller form factor desktop systems.

Wraith model

Advanced Micro’s new Wraith processor boasts an array of new features including LED lighting, attractive styling and exceptionally low noise. The processor is designed for those who care about the look, sound and speed of their desktop systems. As such, it answers a need hardcore gamers in particular.

AMD A10-7860K processor

Advanced Micro’s A10-7860K processor claims to be the first unlocked A10 processor for a desktop that features 65W TDP. The processor is designed to ensure silent operation and AMD says getting it on your system means the end of broken frames and choppy gameplays for those who play high-resource games.

The AMD A10-7860K processors features four CPU cores rated 4.0GHz and eight GPU cores rated 757MHz.

AMD Athlon X4 845

AMD’s other line of quiet desktop processors is the AMD AthlonX4 845, which is the first processor that has AMD’s Excavator x86 architecture technology. The quad-core processor delivers speeds of 3.8GHz and claims to have the highest instructions per clock (IPC) performance.

The AMD AthlonX4 845 processor was also built with gamers in mind.

According to Advanced Micro, its new lineup of desktop processors comes at surprisingly low cost. The processors are priced between $70 (AMD AthlonX4 845) and $200 (AMD FX8370).

With the low price points and thermal solution claims, Advanced Micro is hoping to alter the competition landscape for its desktop processing engine rivals.