Advanced Micro (NASDAQ:AMD) Helps Associate Press Move Into Virtual Reality

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) and the Associated Press (AP) have partnered to make virtual reality content widely available to the public. AP is hoping to open new ways for news consumers to interact with its content. Advanced Micro will support the backend technology that AP uses to create virtual reality content. However, consumers will be able to stream resulting content even on hardware platforms not based on AMD chips.

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Compatible Capabilities

Advanced Micro and AP believe that they have unique capabilities that they can leverage to make virtual reality in the mainstream media realm a reality. For example, Advanced Micro has the technical capabilities in building processors that can support a smooth process for creating virtual reality content. For its part, AP has the advantage of many years in reporting news that can help accelerate consumer adoption of virtual reality content.

Backend Support

As part of the agreement, AP filmmakers will work closely with Advanced Micro engineers behind the scenes. First, Advanced Micro will provide the technology necessary for creating professional virtual reality videos and related content. Second, company engineers will be available to provide assistance to AP producers as needed while developing virtual reality content. Given that virtual reality is a fairly new concept of creating and delivering content, AP feels its producers will need guidance along the way.

While AP will almost exclusively adopt Advanced Micro hardware and technology to support its backend technology, consumers of the content won’t be bothered with what kind of platform they have to stream the content on. AP says that not only will the content be available even on non-AMD hardware, but consumers will also not require specialized gadgets to use the content. That means that people will be able to stream the content on their mobile handset and a host of other platforms already available.

The virtual reality content that AP will be develops will be made available on its website

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