ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) Revamps Digital Learning Environment At Ranger College

ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) Revamps Digital Learning Environment At Ranger College

ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) declared that it had built a sophisticated digital learning environment using ProCloud Plus, for Ranger College, a community college located in rural Texas. The ProCloud Plus is a suite of cloud managed, wired as well as wireless network services.

Novel learning applications supplied through the cloud and broadband. It comes with streaming media and is increasing educator’s capability to craft a compelling learning environment and connect with students.

Ranger College IT director, Michael Beran said that it is difficult for schools to meet the demand for mobility. The College is also finding it difficult to go beyond traditional network architecture to manage the increasing connectivity needs in classrooms as the way of teaching and learning is changing at a fast pace. Earlier the college had plethora of different and difficult to manage connectivity problems. Adtran helped them get rid of all those issues by supplying a robust managed service.

By harnessing Adtran’s ProCloud Plus managed offering, Ranger College has been successful in eliminating the usual operating as well as capital expenses that prevent higher education Information Technology institutions from imparting the digital learning programs to students.

Students at Ranger College come for their classes with a plethora of connected devices. So maintaining a quality Wi-Fi infrastructure is essential to keep them engaged as well as connected. While these gadgets increase the students learning ability they put additional pressure on the IT support infrastructure.

By outsourcing its LAN and Wi-Fi offerings via Adtran ProCloud Services, the college can comfortably support all connectivity requirements ranging from the classrooms to the administrative department. Ranger College could take advantage of numerous Adtran’s professional offerings such as site surveys, installation, staff as well as student help desk, alert monitoring and more.

Todd Lattanzi, Director of Cloud Services Portfolio at Adtran opined that education is evolving in terms of the online resources for trainers as well as for students. This is causing difficulties for IT departments already lagging in resources. Letting higher education IT departments deploy a cloud-based solution will help them stay ahead in the learning curve and also aid them operate within budget.

This integrated strategy had a major impact on the college’s IT help desk by decreasing service calls by over 90% a week.