Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) Launches DDoS Mitigation Service To Help Customers Maximize Uptime, Protect Network

Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) has announced the launch of its new and innovative distributed denial of service (DDoS) Mitigation Service to help customers deal with DDoS threats in real-time.

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The company’s new DDoS Mitigation Service has been developed to offer immediate results to customers by giving them the capacity to identify and react to DDoS attacks on a timely basis. The newly launched service is expected to be a hit with Windstream’s customers and as such, it is expected to be a noteworthy addition to the company’s portfolio. It is also a welcome addition to the firm’s security services which will also boost Windstream’s leading position in the enterprise-level voice and data services.

“Windstream’s DDoS Mitigation Service protects customers from a rising trend of crippling DDoS attacks that have become easier to execute,” stated Joseph Harding, Windstream’s executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer for the Cloud & Connectivity business.

Harding also revealed that the service has been launched in line with meeting customer demand for services that feature such capabilities. He said that the DDoS Mitigation Service will be available with features for dealing with attacks taking place in the customer’s internet circuits and make it possible for them to stay connected.

DDoS attacks can be quite a nuisance to customers because they disrupt the internet circuit of an organization and make it unavailable. This is bad for the customers because it might cause non-compliance with regulations thus the need for a solution to address such problems by preventing them in the first place. Windstream’s new solution achieves this using a network of network of scrubbing centers that are highly scalable.

The DDoS Mitigation Service takes up and analyses the traffic on the customer’s network. This makes it possible to prevent attacks while customer traffic remains uninterrupted. This essentially makes the service quite attractive to customers and this is great for Windstream because it will add significantly to the revenue.  Having a solution that protects against DDoS attacks is important for many companies and as such, most of them are always on the lookout for solutions that will help them protect their networks.

Windstream stock closed the latest trading session on Tuesday at $1.80.

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