Webtrends Uses Hortonworks, Inc. (NASDAQ:HDP) HDP, HDF Platforms

Hortonworks, Inc. (NASDAQ:HDP) has recently revealed that Webtrends has chosen to use the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and the Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) as the foundation of both its connected data architecture in cloud and data center.

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Webtrends’ Connected Data Architecture

The connected data architecture of Webtrends has enabled it to use consumers’ data to gain insights and understand consumer behaviors, which are keys to efficient branding and campaign management. Having been in the industry for decades, Webtrends understands the changing needs of consumers as innovation continues.

“HDP with HDF gave us the flexibility to build new products without having to build an ecosystem or even provide a new data format to manage that data set,” stated Peter Crossley, Webtrends Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Webtrends relies heavily on HDP and HDF to derive real-time data analytics and use them to create valuable solutions for brands and consumers alike. With these two platforms, clients may be better able to leverage the maximum potential of innovative data application.

Constellation ShortList for Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms and Middleware

Earlier this month, Hortonworks had been named to the Constellation ShortList for Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms and Middleware.

Being included in the list means that Hortonworks is one of the companies driving the early adoption of next-generation digital efforts. Two of its meaningful IoT solutions include the HDP and the HDF.

Constellation ShortList encourages companies to use unique, disruptive technologies to help facilitate a significant transformation in IoT.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Microsoft Azure HDInsight Hadoop Cloud Update

Last month, Hortonworks has unveiled updates to the Microsoft Azure HDInsight Hadoop Cloud. With the updated platform, Hortonworks promises enterprise-grade managed services to optimize convenience for users.

Microsoft Azure HDInsight Hadoop Cloud guarantees the future-proofing of clients’ data built on a connected data architecture with user-friendly tools for easy deployment and management.

Together with Microsoft, Hortonworks is attempting to improve its cloud management solutions that should help maximize the capabilities of its clients.

During the previous trading session, Hortonworks has declined 14.25% to $7.46 while Microsoft has lost 0.14% to $57.11.

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