Voyager Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:VYGR) Reveals Positive Results In VY-AADC01 Phase 1b Trial

Voyager Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:VYGR) has announced that it has recorded positive results from its Phase Ib trial of VY-AADC01 which the firm has been developing for treating Parkinson’s disease.

The company made the announcement on Wednesday reporting that it observed positive results from the Phase 1b trial, using VY-AADC01 to address Parkinson’s disease. Voyager Therapeutics stated that the results of the study demonstrated time-dependent, dose-dependent and durable improvements throughout multiple measures in patients’ motor functions. The results were also recorded after the gene therapy was administrated once.

“We are very pleased with the updated results from our dose-escalation trial. By six months in Cohort 3, patients achieved the clinically meaningful improvements in motor symptoms that were observed in Cohort 2 and with even lower doses of their oral Parkinson’s medications, including levodopa,” stated Dr. Bernard Ravina, the chief medical officer at Voyager Therapeutics.

Dr. Ravina further added that the results of the study further suggest that higher doses of VY-AADC01 should result in AADC activity. This means the patient’s capacity to reduce Dopamine activity will be significantly reduced thus lowering the need for giving oral medication to patients. The company reported that the trial has been demonstrating significant improvement in the mental health of patients in the drug trials. This means patients have been experiencing less time with poor cognitive functions.

According to Dr. Ravina, the unique mechanism of action that is used in the pipeline treatment for Parkinson’s disease allows improved health for patients while lowering their consumption of regular treatments for the disease. The doctor further added that the mechanism of the VY-AADC01 treatment does not resemble patterns that were used in previous therapies for Parkinson’s disease and none that is currently existing or emerging.

Voyager’s CEO Steven Paul, M.D. stated that the recent findings from the trials were encouraging and they further support the use of the pipeline treatment. He also added that the findings have continued to de-risk the program meaning the treatment’s safety levels are good.

Voyager Therapeutics stock closed the latest trading session on Wednesday at $13.63 after gaining by 24.70 percent compared to the value of the stock during the previous close.

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