Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Samsung To Collectively Implement Xbox One X, QLED TVs

The stock of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) closed at $73.40 losing 0.29% in yesterday’s trading session. This company and Samsung Electronics have in a joint move announced that they are planning to strike an alliance that will see them utilize Samsung’s portfolio of QLED TVs.

Xbox One X will be taking place within a short period of time and is expected to be a transformative moment for the two business giants.

Microsoft’s new console is associated with a CPU performance which is believed to beat the original Xbox One by over 30%.Its GPU is 4.6 times more powerful in comparison with the  previous version.

Samsung’s spokesperson opined, “The Xbox One X is expected to bring realistic 4K gaming to console players with 40% greater power than any other console. Microsoft is banking on Samsung’s QLED TV, which leverages Quantum dot technology, delivering light efficiency, stability, and a wider color spectrum.”

These two companies have in numerous instances been spotted executing progressive partnerships. Samsung on its part takes the strong standpoint that the new alliance will help a lot in the area of innovation. It will also result in an immersive 4K gaming experience especially considering the full-fledged omni-channel advertising strategy.

Speculations are coming to the limelight with a lot of people believing that indeed the QLED TV will be expressing accurate color.

Most of the gamers will have an opportunity to feel the remarkable experience that will be pulling along with the new console. This will be on the various QLED 4K TVs across Samsung marketing and retail activations throughout the US and Xbox as well.

On the other hand, Microsoft outlined that it will soon be advertising through TV spots, besides the in-store displays.

Most probably, the company will be committing itself to giving studios and players the option to leverage different features. The companies have succeeded in the move to provide customers with new software solutions and devices. The two are currently aligning their partners, sales programs and marketing towards delivering positive market experience to their wide customer bases.

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