Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) Taps Into iOS 10 To Roll Out Mobile Enhancements

Vonage Holdings Corp

Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) has said that it is taking advantage of the launch of the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 10 to improve the mobile experience for its customers. The company said that the mobile experience enhancements capitalize on the iOS 10 feature called CallKit.

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According to Vonage, it is the first cloud communications provider to harness the capabilities of CallKit to enable its customers to enjoy more natural app calling. The company said that with CallKit, its Vonage Essential app now works just like a native call.

Hands-free access

Besides porting into CallKit to improve the quality of app calling, Vonage says that it has integrated Siri to allow for hands-free calls to its Vonage app to simplify the process of making business calls. With the integration, the company said that all that a customer needs to do is give a voice command to the Vonage app to initiate a call. The voice command support also simplifies selection of specific contacts to call within the app.

Vonage says that iOS 10 has enabled it to blur the line between app calling and standard iPhone functionality for the benefit of businesses that use its mobile communication solutions.

Vonage’s chief of products, Omar Javaid, commented that iOS 10 offers support for better experience with VoIP apps. For instance, he said that initiating calls though VoIP apps and the quality of such calls have been greatly enhanced.

With Vonage’s mobile app, Mr. Javaid says businesses can enjoy a more robust app calling experience, while eliminating incidents of missed calls. Vonage itemized the benefits of its improved Vonage app coming with call controls such as Call Waiting and Call Mute, automatic log into Recents list and simplified activation of callbacks.

Focus on small business clients

Vonage said that the enhanced mobile calling feature made possible by iOS 10 is available under its Vonage Essentials service, which is primarily geared toward small to medium business clients.

Apple’s iOS 10 can be used on iPhone 5 or newer models.

Vonage posted EPS of $0.08 on revenue of $233.68 million in 2Q. Revenue rose 5.3% YoY and topped the consensus estimate by $7.2 million.

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