VIVEVE MEDICAL, INC. (NASDAQ:VIVE) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits

VIVEVE MEDICAL, INC. (NASDAQ:VIVE) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits
Item 9.01.

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EX-99.1 2 ex_216216.htm EXHIBIT 99.1 ex_216216.htm Exhibit 99.1   Viveve Announces FDA 510K Approval to Expand Manufacturing of Treatment Tips   –  Approval strengthens supply chain and reduces manufacturing costs for consumable component used with Viveve’s Cryogen-cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency technology     ENGLEWOOD,…
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Viveve Medical, Inc., formerly PLC Systems, Inc., designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for the non-invasive treatment of vaginal laxity. The Company’s Viveve Treatment is a non-invasive solution for vaginal laxity that is performed in approximately 30 minutes, in a physician’s office. The Viveve System uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to generate low temperature heat. The vaginal mucosa is simultaneously cooled while this non-ablative heat is delivered into the submucosal layer. The RF energy stimulates the formation of collagen and causes the collagen fibers to remodel thereby tightening the submucosal tissue of the vaginal introitus. The RF stimulation causes subtle alterations in the collagen that can renew the tissue and further tighten the vaginal tissue over the next 1 to 3 months following treatment (the Viveve Treatment) and lead to increased sexual function.

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