Virtual Boy Emulator Makes It Possible To Play Nintendo Games On Google Cardboard from Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)

It is now possible to play Nintendo games through VR, thanks to an emulation software called RetroArch emulator which can be paired to an Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Cardboard.

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When the Virtual Boy made its debut, it did not do as well as expected in terms of sales. It was bulky, and people complained of neck pains and constantly straining their eyes. It was considered a failed project but all those negatives can be put aside thanks to the creativity of a Reddit user whose username is The-king-of-Spain. He managed to get some of the old Nintendo titles to work on the Google Cardboard.

The-King-of-Spain also offered a detailed guideline to other users on how to get Virtual Boy to work with Google Cardboard VR. The tools necessary for the task include roms, the RetroArch emulation software and Google Cardboard or an equivalent VR headset. A few settings have to be tweaked and after that, the games will work smoothly with VR. This could be the best way to take advantage of the Virtual Boy titles. The-King-of-Spain also reported that he did not experience any motion sickness after 30 minutes of gameplay. This means that it is now possible to enjoy what Virtual Boy has to offer without going through any physical stress.

One of the advantages of using the method provided by The-King-of-Spain is that it allows gamers to play in grayscale rather than red which often cause a headache. The feature also makes the game appear beautiful in VR, but there are no extra kicks to the gameplay. Either way, it adds more value and is better than the original Virtual Boy by far. This could mean a great deal to Nintendo owners because more VR titles will be made available in the future.

One of Nintendo’s announcements earlier this year revealed that the company has been carrying out research for VR. However, it does not plan to launch any VR products yet. Increasing the number of VR titles will most likely be among those plans.

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