Violet Gro, Greener, Manx Farms to Develop Best Practices for Pharma-Grade Cannabis

Violet Gro is partnering with Greener, an advanced analytics and energy management technology platform, and Manx Farms, a grow collective based out of Los Angeles, California, to develop best practices for producing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

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“We have a unique opportunity to solve a myriad of critical issues in the indoor agriculture space from energy savings to improved conditions for growing healthy, vibrant plants,” Violet Gro CEO Terrance Berland stated.

Violet Gro combines cutting-edge design with patented technology to produce agricultural lights that are energy efficient and have very low operating temperatures, lending themselves to substantial direct energy savings of up to 70% when compared against traditional lighting solutions.

“This collaboration will enable us to further refine our product design, concretely quantify the benefits of our grow lights, as well as document proven methods for creating the optimal grow environment for cannabis,” Violet Gro President Kurt Kucera stated.

Violet Gro will work with Manx and Greener to monitor key performance indicators related to both the energy-efficiency of its grow lights and the quality and quantity of product produced.

“Through the integration of smart sensors and machine learning algorithms, our insights will help growers to reduce energy consumption and increase product yield, thereby increasing their profitability and, simultaneously, reducing the negative environmental effects that are endemic to today’s current growing techniques. By working with Violet Gro and Manx Farms, we will be able to study the effects of their LED grow lights in concert with other key variables in the grow system to optimize plant growth,” said Zander Sebenius, the co-founder of Greener, said in a statement.

Manx has assembled a team of master growers, seasoned with decades of experience in cultivating, by hand, top-shelf cannabis.

“Doing it right is never easy, but we remain committed to organic marijuana master grown in highly quality-controlled environments,” Manx Farms CEO Angelo Gallo stated. “Through this endeavor with Violet Gro and their cutting-edge LED grow lights, and the team at Greener giving us sophisticated insights from the data we collect about our grow processes, we will be able to further our commitment to purity and quality in everything we do.”

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