VIDEO DISPLAY CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:VIDE) Files An 8-K Changes in Registrant’s Certifying Accountant

VIDEO DISPLAY CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:VIDE) Files An 8-K Changes in Registrant’s Certifying Accountant
Item 4.01 Change in Registrant’s Certifying Accountant

(a) Previous independent registered public accounting firm
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On July26, 2017 Carr, Riggs,& Ingram, LLC resigned as Video Display Corporation’s (the Company) independent registered public accounting firm.

Carr, Riggs& Ingram, LLC’s report on the Company’s consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ended February28, 2017 did not contain an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion, and was not qualified or modified as to audit scope or accounting principles. Their report did contain an explanatory paragraph addressing going concern uncertainty. For the fiscal year ended February28, 2017 and up to the date of Carr, Riggs,& Ingram, LLC’s resignation, there has been no disagreement between the Company and Carr, Riggs& Ingram, LLC on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure, auditing scope or procedure.

The Registrant has provided Carr, Riggs& Ingram with a copy of this Form 8-K, and has requested that Carr, Riggs& Ingram furnish a letter addressed to the Securities and Exchange Commission stating whether or not it agrees with the above statements and if not, stating the respects in which it does not agree. A copy of such letter, dated July28, 2017 , indicating that Carr, Riggs& Ingram is in agreement with such disclosures , is filed as Exhibit 17.1 to this Form 8-K.

(b) New independent registered public accounting firm

On July28, 2017, Video Display Corporation, appointed Hancock Askew& Co. LLP as the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm commencing on July28, 2017.

During the Company’s two most recent fiscal years and through the date hereof, the Company did not consult Hancock Askew& Co. LLP with respect to (i)the application of accounting principles to any transaction, either completed or proposed; or the type of audit opinion that might be rendered on the Company’s financial statements, and neither a written report was provided to the Company nor oral advice was provided that Hancock Askew& Co. LLP concluded was an important factor considered by the Company in reaching a decision as to the accounting, auditing or financial reporting issue; or (ii)any matter that was either the subject of a disagreement (as defined in Item304(a)(1)(iv) of Regulation S-K and the related instructions thereto) or a reportable event (as described in Item304(a)(1)(v) of Regulation S-K).

(c) The following exhibits are filed with this report
17.1 Letter from Carr, Riggs& Ingram LLC

EX-17.1 2 d416023dex171.htm EX-17.1 EX-17.1 Exhibit 17.1         July 28,…
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Video Display Corporation is a provider and manufacturer of video products, components and systems for visual display and presentation of electronic information media in a range of requirements and environments. The Company designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, distributes and installs display products and systems, from basic components to systems, for Government, military, aerospace, medical, industrial and commercial organizations. The Company operates primarily in four divisions: simulation and training products, cyber secure products, Data display cathode ray tubes (CRTs), and broadcast and control center products. The Company’s products include Command Control Centers, AEGIS Command Center, Heads down Display, Heads Up Display, Hi Rez Medical Panels, SXRD projectors, LCOS Projectors, Camera Tube, Charactron Tube, Direct View Tube, Electron Guns, Flybacks, Imaging Devices, Projection CRT, Public Display CRT, Monitors Mono, P.O. Sale Monitor, Touch Screen and Vehicle Display.

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