Valve Yanks Its Game ‘Abstractism’ From Digital Video Game Marketplace

Valve Corporation has yanked its game “Abstractism” from Steam, its marketplace for Digital video games. According to some players, the game was supporting crypto jacking or an unauthorized use of a computer of someone else for mining cryptocurrency. Elsewhere, the company is also planning to come out with new games. It will publish a digital card game called, Artifact via Steam on November 28 this year.

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Valve will release the game for Mac, Windows PC, and Linux and is planning to come out with its version for iOS and Android devices sometime next year.

Abstractism and its developer vanish from Steam marketplace

Abstractism was developed by Okalo Union as a simple platformer and was pulled after there were allegations that the game was supporting crypto jacking in the background. The developer as well as the publisher both vanished from the marketplace of Steam. The players playing Abstractism became suspicious for the first time after they found out that the game was putting a load on their GPUs and CPUs even though it is graphically very simple. As per some of the reviews that were loaded on Steam, the game was accompanied by a virus disguised as the steam.exe process.

Valve marketed the game as a trivial platformer on the web store that was stylish but with minimal design and having a relaxing atmosphere. The moment the gaming community found out about the virus installation, they immediately alerted other players about the potential dangers of the game on the internet. SidAlpha, a YouTube personality, and a vocal gamer described the complete illegitimate working of Abstractism through a video. According to SidAlpha, the scamming first came to the fore when an individual was cheated for a faked item. Incidentally, during its short-term existence on the platform, the game faked more than 190 items.

Valve does not mention crypto jacking as the reason for removing Abstractism

Even though lots of gamers and YouTube personalities have confirmed that the controversial game from Valve was involved in crypto jacking, the company itself has not cited it as one of the reasons for its removal. According to the corporation, they pulled the game due to unauthorized code, scamming, and trolling customers.

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