Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) And Former CEO Dick Costolo Have Beef With BuzzFeed Over Abuse Problems

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is not happy about an article that was recently published by BuzzFeed about its struggles with abuse on its microblogging platform.

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The article was mostly based on the insider experiences with one of Twitter’s former employees who talked about some of Twitter’s struggles regarding handling online harassment.  The report documented Twitter as a company where management does not truly understand the meaning of abuse as well as a general commitment to free speech. The article also painted an image of a firm that has been experiencing hard times when it comes to designing and using tools to curb the problem while facing pressure from the need to register growth.

There was also a claim that the firm secretly filtered tweets aimed at President Obama to filter out abusive content during a Q&A session that took place in 2015. Twitter’s former CEO Dick Costolo and the company’s public relations team condemned BuzzFeed claiming that the article is wrong. Costolo posted some tweets claiming that the report is absurd and nonsensical. The former CEO stated in a different tweet that the article shows a lack of understanding of how the company deals with security on its social platform.

John Paczkowski, the Managing Editor at BuzzFeed retaliated with a tweet claiming that Twitter took a while to respond to BuzzFeed. The Managing Editor also stated that the firm failed to request for more time and turned down a request for a conversation over the phone. Paczkowski also pointed out that Twitter is yet to point out the errors in the article as requested by BuzzFeed after the company presented the complaints.

Twitter has been facing some challenges and the manner in which it handled the report suggests that the post holds some truth. Costolo also turned down requests for a conversation with BuzzFeed. The company previously worked on anti-harassment policies but the challenges have prevailed.

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