Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) Adds Crash Test Models For Children

Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) Adds Crash Test Models For Children

Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) has revealed that it recently added three new crash test dummies that represent children who are 3, 6 and 10 years of age to its safety software.

The software which goes by the name Total Human Model Safety (THUMS) now features the age variants of the test dummies in its fourth version. The software simulates injuries that can happen to people in the event of an accident. The new software will be available for purchase in the autumn season. The software was launched in the year 2000, and it has since then been refined to provide better study results in turn leading to improvements in vehicle safety.

The software has been used in the past to improve safety measures including those for airbags. It has been widely applied in NASCAR to develop seat shapes that lower the chances of rib fractures in the event of a racing crash. The company’s previous versions of the software considered an average physique for children. They also included three physiques for adults including small females, average-sized males, and large-sized males. The latest version now considers different sizes for children and is thus expected to offer better safety results.

The new specs for children were designed in partnership with the Safety Research Center, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. THUMS can be acquired through ESI Japan and JSOL Corporation. The software is used by automobile manufacturers, universities and vehicle parts manufacturers from different parts of the world.

Toyota launched the second version of the software in 2003 and included bone structure and facial features on the crash dummies. The third version of the software made its debut in 2008, and it considered internal organs of the human body as well. Last year Toyota included the ability to simulate muscle to predict the position of passengers before impact.