Tippr Bot Has Distributed More Than $1OOK In Bitcoin Cash Through Reddit

Since the introduction of the app, Tippr has so far tipped people more than $100,000 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH-USD) value. This figure only represents those who have been tipped across the Reddit forum. The sum is equivalent to 76 BCH at current prices.

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Tipping bots are platforms that enable users to transfer small amounts of digital currencies to one another. Users have increasingly been using such platforms to transfer micropayments to each other. Thus, people have been utilizing Tippr to tip BCH across social media networks like Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.

Bitcoin once popular

Initially, when altcoins were not common, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) was largely used for micro-tipping across the crypto communities.  However, last year the crypto’s transaction fees begun to go up rapidly. Hence, bots discontinued issuing tips pegged to BTC for amounts below $15.

Since transactions through the Bitcoin Cash attract very cheap network fees, its usage to send tips has been on the rise. BCH transactions tx charge approximately $0.003 per transaction, hence, the token’s users utilize it more often.

A case in point, the Reddit forum r/btc community is known to celebrate Tipping Tuesday each and every week. On the said day, numerous tips are sent to the BTC community on the Reddit forum. As a result, the community uses Tippr as their preferred tipping bot.

Tippr bot is also being used to tip people microtransactions of Bitcoin Cash within the digital currency Twitter thread. Since being integrated on Reddit, Tippr has so far handled more than $100,000 worth of crytpocurrency.

Top five tippers

According to statistics, the Reddit community has sent 34,227 Bitcoin Cash tips to more than 15,000 users.  Moreover, the said users are currently the five top tippers. They consist of u/cryptorebel ($3,370), u/mobitcoinsmoproblems ($3,735), u/grant-meaccess ($4,649), u/jarenfeser ($5,390) and u/asicshack ($7,582).

Tippr’s Twitter profile, shows various Bitcoin Cash micro-transactions being sent across the social media network. In trying to guide users to utilize the tipping bot online, the platform features a tutorial. It explains that Tippr is a BCH tipbot for Twitter and Reddit that enables one to reward fine content.

Tippr’s tutorial reads, “See something you like, want to support the author? Then reward them by leaving a tip — How generous is up to you.”

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