Time Inc. (NYSE:TIME) Cozi App Achieves 20 Million Registered Users

Time Inc. (NYSE:TIME)’s family organizing app, Cozi, has seen its user base soar to 20 million registered users in the wake of the company expanding its footprint into Windows 10 ecosystem.  The app which is also available on iPhone and Android devices accords users easy access to data regardless of mobile device or computer of use.

 Cozi Growing User Base

The organization app is designed to simplify, coordination, communication, and sharing of logistics in the day to day activities.  The app allows users to track calendar events as well as to do and grocery lists thanks to a shared account that allows family members to be on the same page.  It’s expanding user base is a further testament that it is slowly becoming a leader when it comes to family organization.

“We’re proud that 20 million people have entrusted Cozi to help communicate with their families, and as parents and students across the country gear up for the busy back-to-school season, we’re ready to help each and every family get on the same page,” said Will Friedman, President of Cozi.

In addition to achieving, the 20 million users, Time has teamed up with Erin Condren to infuse Erin Condren style into the app. Cozi app will combine Condren style with its functionalities like shared calendar lists and reminders to provide users a one of a kind experience.

$6 Billion Market Opportunity

Separately, Time is expanding its footprint into the $6 billion a year pet products industry with the launch of a membership program for pet owns.  PetHero is the new subscription program that will provide pet owners a range of benefits including 25% discounts on all in-house medical services.  Members will also receive toys and treat boxes as part of a $20 a month program.

The PetHero program according to Time’s vice president of consumer marketing and Revenue, Leslie Dukker Doty was developed to keep pets happy and healthy. The subscription program is also the first major consumer product under the leadership of the current CEO, Rich Battista.  The company has also confirmed that it is working on a new membership product slated for launch before the end of the year.

Time stock was up by 0.36% in Monday’s trading session to end the day at $13.80 a share.

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