Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) May Strain Supercharger Network Once Model 3 Hits Market

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) recently carried out a survey of its supercharger network revealing that each supercharger stall serves about 34 cars.

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This means that the chargers are barely enough for all the vehicles that the company has sold. However, this might be a huge problem once Tesla launches the upcoming Model 3, which is expected to have a smaller price tag and thus more sales. The supercharger system might end up not being enough by 2018 unless the company does something to expand it. Luckily, Tesla has a plan to expand the supercharger stalls network by doubling the current numbers.

The company also plans to triple the number of its destination chargers to 15,000 units by the end of 2017. Tesla hopes that this move will be enough to satisfy the charging needs of customers. The electric vehicle maker revealed its plans to extend the supercharger network during the unveiling of the Model 3. Analysts are using the number of Tesla vehicles per supercharger to determine the growth of the network.

One of the members of the Tesla Motors Club who goes by the name of Troy has been collecting data on various Tesla aspects. He recently published a piece on the growth of the supercharger network and wrote an email to Electrek revealing why this particular topic is important to him. Troy stated that he initiated the topic because he felt that it would be interesting to see the impact of the Model 3 on the supercharger network. Troy was curious as to whether there will be an adequate number of superchargers or if the stalls end up being overcrowded.

Troy was curious to see how the launch of the model 3 would affect the number of superchargers per stall. He stated that he will keep the data updated until the end of 2018.

Tesla plans to use the Model 3 to expand to a larger global market since the vehicle will feature a price tag that is attractive to more buyers. It must, therefore, make sure that charging is catered to by increasing the number of superchargers.

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