Swiss Post Looks Forward To Using Integrated Blockchain-Based Solution Developed By Modum

Swiss Post, Switzerland’s national postal service, has made an official statement outlining that it will be integrating a blockchain-based solution developed by Modum. This happens to be an industry startup in deliveries of pharma shipments and a wide range of other temperature-sensitive products.

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A Zurich-based Swiss blockchain developer of sensors that employs IoT technologies and blockchain smart contracts called Modrum has disclosed some important details. Those were details relating to the ongoing collaboration with Swiss Post that has witnessed a number of  initial successful pilots of temperature-monitored shipments delivered in good time.

A person well conversant with the latest developments has outlined that the two business gurus will be working towards establishing a deeper integration between the Swiss Post’s track-and-trace systems with the startup’s temperature-logging devices.

Modum is hoping the solution will be doing quite much in line with providing the pharma sector with what it needs in delivering a scalable and reliable process for monitoring the state of goods as well as demonstrating legal compliance the large number of auditors.

Modum made the claims that it would be delivering a ‘passive monitoring solution’ for the pharma industry with sensors that would be monitoring the environmental conditions continuously. Asides from that, they also verify information collected against smart contracts on a blockchain. And that would of course be for the purpose of validating the pre-determined requirements.

In addition, Modum states that the pharma clientele at the moment uses the smart contracts of the startup to record temperature thresholds for shipments. Once such temperatures get recorded outside of the thresholds, it then follows that the notification is transmitted to both the sender and receiver.

Modum CEO Simon Dössegger in giving his speech asserted that the partnership with Swiss Post was indeed what was required in terms of demonstrating their solution’s efficacy over conventional offerings in the diverse market.

Most of the concerned parties are optimistic that the blockchain-powered solution will be deployed successfully. They expect that it will be moving quite a long helping ease the regulatory burden on the pharma industry.

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