SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) launches Equinox for US homeowners

SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) has introduced a residential home solution called Equinox which will cater to homeowners in the US.

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The company claims that all the components of the Equinox system have been engineered to work together towards delivering the power required as well as maintaining a high level of aesthetic appeal and performance over the long term. The only components of the Equinox system that will be visible upon installation are the Smart Energy management device and the solar panels.

SunPower was looking to get rid inefficiencies in systems where components are designed by different companies. Equinox is designed to generate 70% more power at a constant pace for more than 25 years. Additionally, 70% of its parts are hidden and there is a warranty to strengthen the offering.

SunPower also claims that the system is more efficient than conventional solar power systems offered by other companies. Equinox provides 21.5% efficiency while regular systems achieve roughly 15.3% efficiency. The system also degenerates at 0.75% per year slower than conventional systems.

SunPower’s president of business units Howard Wenger stated that the Equinox system is a revolutionary product for home solar power services. Wenger stated that the product highlights the company’s innovative efforts towards offering solutions that simplify what was initially viewed as complex. Some of the other highlights of the system include quick installation and cost reduction.

The company recently initiated a consumer awareness campaign known as Demand Better Solar that aims to remind homeowners that different brands offer different solar technology.  Therefore not every solar power system will offer the optimum power delivery while maintaining an elegant look on rooftops.

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