Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Partners With Metaswitch Towards Accelerating Mobile Network Innovation

The stock of Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) closed at $8.18 losing 1.09% in yesterday’s trading session. Metaswitch has made an announcement outlining that Sprint has been deploying Metaswitch products and technologies that will support both the development and deployment of the various mobile communication services for consumers and businesses.

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Günther Ottendorfer, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Technology at Sprint opined, “We’re excited to lay this foundation as part of Sprint’s network virtualization initiative, which we expect will deliver an expanding range of innovative services to our customers for many years to come.”

He added that the company was ready to embrace any strategies that helped would help it cut down on the operational costs. Mobile users remain dedicated to pulling all the strings they can towards pushing the network operators to deliver services that will help improve productivity as well as enhance the communications experience.

Metaswitch and Sprint are looking forward to establishing a strong collaboration that will have the two succeed in the provision of top-end quality, feature-rich and sophisticated communication services. This alliance will provide the different users with a more intuitive, reliable and collaborative experience. They will find it much better as compared to the experience derived from the third party applications that thrive on top of a standard mobile data plan.

An analyst recently said that the Metaswitch’s cloud technology portfolio went far and wide towards offering an extremely agile cost-efficient innovation platform for LTE and 5G networks. The companies assert that their common goal will be to try all within their means to deliver exclusive services that will impress most of their customers, as well as help them connect in better ways.

CEO of Metaswitch, Martin Lund has said that as a company they felt honored to have been the ones selected as the top provider for the core of Sprint’s next generation network. He also said that they were going to participate in driving future innovation and taking it to the highest level possible. Whether or not it will live up to its promise is something that we will just have to wait and see.

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