Scoota, Ternio Team Up To Introduce Enhanced Transparency Through Blockchain for Ikea, Amazon’s Whole Foods

Scoota Selects Ternio As Partner For Blockchain Verified Ad Campaigns

Scoota and Ternio are collaborating to introduce enhanced transparency in its blockchain verified ad campaigns. Scoota leads the brand-safe and automated online branding whereas Ternio brings transparency to the digital advertising programs through its blockchain-enabled high transacting product, Lexicon. Scoota provides a complete programmatic platform that creates and delivers high engaging and rich ad formats globally without compromising in brand safety or creative execution.

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Partnership to make Scoota first to offer blockchain verified ad campaigns

With this partnership, Scoota will become the first ad buying platform offering the blockchain technology of Ternio for programmatic advertising campaigns. Scoota will now be able to provide blockchain verified ad campaigns to its elite clients including IKEA, Land Rover, BMW, and Whole Foods Market. These companies can now use blockchain for gaining 100% transparency to track the amount they are spending on their ads throughout the complete ad supply chain on the basis of per-impression.

According to the co-founder of Ternio, Ian Kane, “Scoota has always been on the forefront of using technology to facilitate transparency and brand safety for their clients. By integrating Ternio into Scoota’s buy-side platform, advertisers will gain granular insights into every ad impression being purchased all executed in a programmatic environment.”

The Founder and CEO of Scoota, James Booth stated that blockchain fascinates with its ability to bring a transformation in the ad tech landscape substantially. However, he believes that even now there are very few businesses that can offer a blockchain framework fast enough for fulfilling the demands of online advertising. Booth added that Ternio fulfills the speed challenge which is exciting and encouraging Scoota to explore the possibilities that the alliance between the two companies can deliver to benefit its clients.

Ternio uses smart contracts to provide visibility into transactions

The blockchain framework of Ternio makes use of smart contracts so that it can meet the demand side terms and also offer visibility into transactions within the supply chain. The only decentralized platform of Ternio’s blockchain framework supports high queries per second (QPS) essential for programmatic selling and buying.

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